Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Modern progressive feminist social justice has all the hallmarks of a religious cult. And like all religious cults, it has its share of quasi-supernatural notions and ideas.

One of these is "privilege". This is like the original sin of Catholicism: If you are white, you have "privilege" for that sole reason. It's innate, and it stains you like a sin. It doesn't matter if you are completely broke, with literally zero money or property, living in a cardboard box under a bridge, dressed in rags, having to loot garbage cans in back alleys to find some thrown-away food to survive, and have been in this situation for decades, you are still "privileged" for the sole reason that your skin is white. (At the same time a multi-millionaire world-famous highly successful actor or businessman, with a humongous mansion and his own private jet, is "oppressed" if his skin happens to be darker.)

A related (and quite racist) concept is that of "whiteness".

This is an actual sentiment from progressive feminists, to white feminists (and white people in general): It's your responsibility, as a white person, not to use your whiteness to speak over people of color.

No, I'm not making that up. That's directly from feminist sources.

It seems that to progressive feminists "whiteness" is some kind of quasi-supernatural aura that white people possess, which by their mere presence will oppress non-white people. If you, as a white person, for example interrupt or talk over a non-white person, that's not just you talking over another person. No, that's "using your whiteness" to do so. As if "whiteness" were this kind of magical power you have to oppress other people, by just being white.

Obviously if a non-white person interrupts or talks over you, that's absolutely fine. In fact, if that happens, you must immediately shut up and just accept it. You wouldn't want to abuse your "whiteness", now would you?

Feminists do not see people as individuals. They do not see people for their merits, personalities, achievements, qualifications or the content of their character. Instead, they only see people for the color of their skin and their genitalia. It doesn't matter who you are, or what you have done or achieved, or what the situation may be: If your skin tone happens to be too light, then you have "privilege" and "whiteness", and therefore you have less rights than other people and thus deserve to be treated as a lesser being. You deserve to be treated like an emasculated servant who has diminished human and social rights, and who should just submit quietly to any abuse by others. And if you dare to speak up and, heaven forbid, interrupt a non-white or non-male person, you are immediately castigated for abusing your "whiteness" superpower which you have but you don't deserve.

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