Sunday, August 14, 2016

Correction to the SJW privilege stack

I wrote previously a blog post about the "SJW privilege stack", where I presented the phenomenon that feminist social justice warriors divide people into groups and give more or less privileges and protection to those people depending on which group they belong to. People higher on the stack can take advantage of, discriminate against, bully, harass and sometimes even commit violence and even murder against people lower on the stack, and the feminist SJWs will hurry to defend the perpetrators. Of course people lower on the stack cannot do that to people higher on the stack.

I posited that white men are at the very bottom of the barrel. The sub-human scum that has no rights and everybody else can discriminate against and do anything they want to them, and feminists will defend the perpetrator.

I was, however, slightly incorrect on this. White men are not, in fact at the very bottom. There is one group that's even lower: Jews.

That's right. To feminist social justice warriors, Jews are even lower in the protection stack than white men. Even white people can engage in blatant anti-semitism (as long as they do it in the name of feminism and social justice), and that's ok.

For example: Jewish student at Brooklyn college told to 'leave the school you Jew'.

Or consider the new Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman has classically been viewed as the most feminist superheroine from the classical era of comics. But feminists do not like this movie. Why? Because the actress is a Jew. Of course.

Has she committed any atrocities, said anything objectionable, or anything of the sorts? Of course not. It's enough that she's a Jew. No other reason needed.

Mind you, these are the same feminists who call Donald Trump "Hitler". They seem to have an astonishing lack of self awareness.

This would be a rough sketch of the SJW privilege stack. (As said, anybody higher on the stack can abuse anybody lower on the stack, and feminists will hurry to defend the perpetrators, but seldom the other way around.)

- Muslim men, but only if arabic. (And especially if immigrant.)
- Muslim women.
- Black people.
- Homosexuals, transsexuals.
- Asians.
- White women.
- White men.
- Jews.

You know, because feminism is about equality.

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