Sunday, August 7, 2016

When will we reach a tipping point in social justice?

The new Suicide Squad movie has received criticism for being sexist. Because of course it is. After all, everything is sexist (and racist, and homophobic).

We are, literally, reaching a point where every single thing will cause an enormous backlash from social justice warriors. It's pretty much automatic: If something is popular enough, the social justice warriors will be there to either attack it, or try to appropriate it. We are reaching a point where nothing of any significance can be done without a mob of online SJWs attacking it. They have learned that if they make noise, people will listen to them; articles will be written about them, and producers will hurry to placate to them. It's essentially attention-seeking: Cry out loudly, and people will hurry to placate to your every whim.

How long will this last? When will we reach the tipping point where society will finally say that enough is enough? That this is getting completely ridiculous. When will we, as a society, tell these crybabies to just shut up and grow up?

My fear is that if we, as a society, actually don't do this, and allow them to get away with everything they want, it will be detrimental to our society. When these crybabies become politicians, law-makers, judges, lawyers and police officers, I can only imagine the totalitarian nightmare that would ensue. Orwell's 1984 in real life.

I also fear for our safety, given that to SJW's muslims are the most protected class, and nothing they do can ever be criticized or stopped. Imagine if our entire legal and police system would not stop criminals and terrorists if they are muslim, but instead would protect them.

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