Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Top X something" videos that are just slideshows

I have noticed a strange, and strangely common, trend with many "top X something" videos on YouTube. In particular, where that "something" refers to events for which there exist video footage:

Rather than showing said video footage, instead they just present a slideshow of still images, while some dude tells you about the events. Oftentimes those images aren't even from event being described, but something else entirely.

I have watched by now like a dozen or so videos. For example, there was one named "10 epic summer olympic fails". Olympics is one of the most televised events in history, so obviously there exist video footage of most or all of such "fails". But the video instead just showed a slideshow of still images (often not even from said events), while some bloke narrated.

This seems to be becoming more and more common.

Show, don't tell! I'm not interested in hearing about it. I'm interested in seeing it! These videos really suck.

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