Friday, January 29, 2016

Social justice warriors do not understand what equality means

Feminists and other social justice warriors (is there a difference? not really) always keep repeating how they are for equality and equal rights, over and over and over. Yet time and again they demonstrate how they are not for equality, nor understand what the word means.

Just as a minor example, consider what happens if the ethnicity of an established character of a work of fiction is changed in a newer installment.

Let's put aside the question of whether this is a good thing to do. For the sake of this example, we don't care. Fine, an established character's ethnicity is changed in a newer installment (or a spinoff, or a live-action adaptation, or whatever.)

The principle of equality would mean that it makes absolutely no difference what the original and new ethnicities are. White to black, black to white, Asian to white, black to Asian, white to latino... If we consider our society truly equal, and if we hold the principles that all people are equal, then it shouldn't matter in which direction the change is made. That makes sense.

But of course social justice warriors cannot accept this.

You see, if an established white character is changed to a black character, that's a good thing. Obviously. However, if the change is in the other direction, the shit always hits the fan. It's "whitewashing", racism, and all kinds of derogatory terms.

Because, you know, equality and stuff.

That was just one very minor example. There exist plenty of more obnoxious ones. Social justice warriors simply cannot comprehend what the word "equality" means. They demonstrate this time and again. They use the word like a mantra, but they don't understand its meaning.

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