Sunday, January 24, 2016

Anita Sarkeesian's "depression"

Let's briefly recap who Anita Sarkeesian is: In 2012 she created a kickstarter project to raise money to make a video series about sexism in video games from a feminist perspective. She promised something like two dozen videos within a year, or so. She pledged for some tens of thousands of dollars. She got over 160 thousand.

The way she misrepresented both video games and gamers in her videos angered quite many people, and spawned a lot of criticism. Anita Sarkeesian, like so many big-name feminists, took the opportunity to play the victim. Perhaps the most prominent and most successful ploy was when she cancelled a speech due to a non-credible "bomb threat". Because of this act, she was donated over 300 thousand dollars in a very short period of time. She is, possibly, the person who has been given the most money for canceling a speech in the entirety of human history.

So, she pledged for some tens of thousands of dollars. She has been donated approximately a half million dollars. Did she fulfill her promise of making the two dozen videos within a year?

No. After over three years she has made less than half of the promised videos. Even though she has been donated over ten times the money she originally pledged for. She has been making one video per 5 or 6 months. (In contrast, many high-quality big-name YouTube video producers are making at least one video per week with only a tiny fraction of the budget, but with at the very least, and often higher production quality than her videos.)

To my knowledge she has never, ever disclosed where all that money has gone or what it has been used for.

And now she has announced that she is quitting the video series. In other words, not only has she not delivered the promised videos in the promised time, she is now announcing that she is not making them at all. In other words, she is not using the money she was donated to do the work she promised to do. Will she be returning the money to the donators who gave it to her to make the videos, but are now not getting what was promised? (Perhaps, the day that pigs fly.)

She says that she is quitting because of all the criticism and the "depression" she has got because of it.

I don't know about that. However, I have my suspicions. Has she run out of money, and is this simply yet another ploy to get even more pity money? How much money will she be donated due to this stunt? What better medicine for her "depression" than a couple hundred thousand bucks?

I'll make a prediction here: In a few months, most probably within a year, when the stream of cash from donors stops, she'll make a "comeback". She'll probably play the part of a hero. She cannot "abandon" her fans, and must continue the fight for equality and against sexism. So she'll bite the bullet and make a comeback to continue the video series regardless of all the criticism and abuse.

And, naturally, she'll need more money to do so. So keep those donations running. You know her kickstarter address. Maybe this time she'll make the other half of the videos she promised. Maybe. (And please don't pay attention to all the money she already got, including the money she will get during this "I'm so depressed" hiatus. That money doesn't count. She needs new money. Because reasons.)

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