Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Gender fluidity"

One of the concepts of the progressive feminist religion is the idea of "gender fluidity". I'm not going to delve into whether this is supported by psychology and how much, but there is one thing I would like to talk about.

If you search enough, you will find tons of YouTube videos where teenagers rant about being "gender fluid", and proper pronouns (with a myriad of completely ridiculous made-up pronouns) and so on and so forth.

I posit that at least 99% of these people are not "gender fluid" (even if we fully accepted, for the sake of argument, that that's a real thing.)

Teenagers are by nature rebellious. Their hormones are raging, which makes them want to rebel against their parents, and against social norms.

So what happens when the "cool kids" keep bombarding these rebellious teenagers with a message that traditional gender roles are nothing but an artificial social construct, and that there are no genders, and that you are what you want to be? Add on top of that the fact that the parents of the teenager in question are very likely to be "traditional" in their views. And as you know, in the teenager's mind, parents are always antiquated, old-fashioned and wrong.

So what do you expect to happen? Of course these teenagers are going to embrace the fad, even if it doesn't apply to them at all. Of course they will say that they are "gender fluid" even if they are not, and of course they will start pestering everybody and demanding them to pay attention and use whatever ridiculous terminology the "cool kids" have come up with. This isn't any kind of surprise. It would be much more surprising if it didn't happen at all.

I'm betting that in most cases it will be just a passing fad. At some point most of them will just get tired of it, and grow up (especially after puberty is over and their hormones have stabilized enough that they aren't so strongly driven by them.)

However, if the fad persists in some more stubborn (or brainwashed) individuals, it could become a problem. Why? Because when you pretend to be somebody you are not, for long enough, you are bound to eventually have long-term psychological and personality issues. It leads to a bad self image, self-hatred, and personal insecurities. When you try really hard to be something you are not, but deep inside you know that you really can't, when deep inside you don't feel that it's true, it only erodes the person mentally.

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