Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The irony of placating to transgender athletes

In the modern regressive leftist culture it shouldn't even come as a surprise that more and more athletic organizations are allowing "transgender" athletes to compete as their opposite gender, against other people of that gender.

Thus we already have examples of male wrestlers competing in the women's league, against women, male weightlifters competing in the women's league, male rubgy/football players playing in a women's team, and so on and so forth. And almost invariably they are all winning by a landslide.

The latest controversy is male marathon runners being allowed to run in the women's marathon.

And especially in this last case (but also in many of those previous cases), get this: It's enough for these athletes to claim that they are women. They are "transgender" pretty much because they say so. The only requirement that, for instance, the marathon organizers in question are demanding is that they are "officially" recognized as women. In other words, they don't need to have been gone through any surgeries or hormone therapy, or anything. It's enough for them to "identify" as "women".

And all these self-proclaimed "transgender" athletes are winning by a landslide, because that's how biology works. Men are, on average, stronger than women, have more stamina, a larger lung capacity (and thus better oxygen intake), and a myriad of other performance-enhancing innate traits (which are largely, although not solely, caused by significant levels of testosterone during their entire lives, but especially during their teenage years.)

This is, in fact, not completely different from, essentially, a female athlete taking male hormones and other performance-enhancing drugs, except that the males do not need any artificial drugs per se, and have naturally had these advantages their whole lives.

So, what is the irony in this, that I put in the title of this post?

The irony is that all those female athletes are, essentially, being oppressed by these male self-proclaimed "trans" athletes. This situation is quite unfair, because males have physical advantages compared to women, and are winning these competitions because of that. The deck is stacked against all the women in these competitions, because men are now being allowed to directly compete against them in these physical sports.

The female athletes have little recourse against this. This is a very imbalanced situation (it's not like they would benefit from claiming to be male and getting to compete in the male competitions; on the contrary.) In other words, they are quite literally being oppressed, men are allowed to take their places, and compete against them, often for price money.

All this in the name of social justice and "progress".

It's funny how social justice warriors claim that they are fighting against the oppression of women. And then they directly cause oppression of women.

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