Thursday, April 12, 2018

A prediction about Trump's presidency and the left's narrative about it

I might have already said this in a past blog post, but I wanted to make it its own separate, clearer prediction post, rather than it being buried inside some other one:

The regressive left, especially in the United States, has been pounding on and on about how Donald Trump is a dictator, and how his "regime" is a totalitarian one, and how they have to fight against it by all means necessary. They had this narrative a year and a half ago, and they still maintain this narrative as strong as ever.

If Donald Trump gets to the end of his presidential term (and, possibly, to the end of his next presidential term assuming he is re-elected), and when none of the fears of the regressive left, of the United States becoming a totalitarian fascist regime, come to fruition, they will not admit that they were wrong, and that Donald Trump wasn't, in fact, the dictator they claimed him to be.

Instead, they will double down on these claims, and still maintain all those allegations. Their explanation of why the United States did not become a totalitarian dictatorship under Donald Trump will be that the regressive left, with their actions (of protest and anti-Trump propaganda, their activism) stopped Trump from enacting his dictatorial plans. They will justify their own activism, and claim that it was precisely this activism that stopped Trump from becoming a dictator. There's a snowball's chance in hell that any of them will admit actually having been wrong about Trump, and their fears and activism to have been exaggerated.

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