Sunday, April 15, 2018

Appreciating the working class

I have been thinking lately that the working class is the least appreciated group of people in current western society. Especially those people who are working in the most physically stressing, and sometimes even dangerous jobs.

These are the people who make society work. They build our homes, they build all the infrastructure, such as roads, railroads and bridges, they keep the sewers working, they keep electricity working, they keep public transport working... That house you are living in? These people built it, with their hard physical labor. The fact that you open your water faucet, and water comes pouring out, day after day, year after year? These people are the ones ensuring that keeps happening. The fact that you are using your computer or cellphone right at this moment, reading this? It's thanks to these people, who keep the electric current flowing into your home. The fact that you can drive or take the bus to get wherever you need to get? The fact that that road even exists in the first place, and remains in drivable condition year after year? Yes, it's thanks to these people.

Many of these jobs are physically very requiring and stressing, and sometimes dangerous. Many of these jobs tend to be the ones with the highest rates of job-related accidents and deaths, even with all possible safety measures taken. Many of these people are, technically speaking, literally putting their safety and lives on the line in order to keep society running. Even if the risks are somewhat small, they are still significantly higher than with "cleaner" and easier jobs.

And many of these people are underpaid, and completely underappreciated. Whenever the government and other institutions in power want to virtue-signal in a manner that affects the economy of the country, such as for example taking floods of economic migrants into the country, it's these people of the working class that are usually the ones who often experience the consequences the hardest. Their wages go down, their working conditions and safety go down.

And these are precisely the people who get most vilified and attacked by the regressive leftist cult. They get zero appreciation for what they are doing, and instead get insulted and attacked, for the sole reason that they are just hard-working people who simply want to make a living and support a family.

So, I have been thinking... The next time you see these people out there, like for example construction workers, or a sewer maintenance crew, or whoever who is working a hard physical labor making sure that society works and runs smoothly, perhaps pay some thought to them. At least in your mind appreciate the work that these people are doing. Work that helps you live a life of comfort, luxury and safety.

If you are one of these people who is working in a hard physical job, my hat goes off to you. What you are doing is valuable and important.

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