Sunday, April 22, 2018

Predictions for the near future, part 8

Race baiting might become prevalent in the near future, especially in the United States, perhaps in some other "progressive" countries as well.

Here I'm talking about the sort of race baiting where black people (and, possibly, Arabic people, maybe in some cases Hispanic people) will deliberately look for trouble and stir controversy, eg. by taunting people, acting obnoxiously or in a disruptive manner, or any other such manner, baiting for a response. Such as, for example, going to a cafeteria or restaurant and just sit there without buying anything, and see if they are asked to either buy something or leave. (Obviously this is a reference to the recent infamous case. The difference is that people will start doing it deliberately hoping for a reaction from the establishment, such as calling the police.) If just sitting there isn't enough, they will start making a ruckus, making demands, or otherwise act obnoxiously, fishing for a response from the workers or the manager.

The intent with this is, of course, to then play the victim of racism, abusing the fact that the media, and especially social media, is so biased towards supporting them. If the police is called, this will only strengthen their victim narrative.

If this becomes prevalent enough, some companies (such as restaurant chains) may start inventing the most ridiculous policies in order to try to deal with it, and become the butt of jokes.

On a rather different note, there still exist some colleges and universities that have not been invaded and rotten to the core by the neo-marxist regressive leftist social justice ideology. A few of them even have strict pro-free-speech policies, where disruptive protests and harassment are explicitly banned (and may lead to the expulsion of students who engage in them).

If the current trend escalates more and more, and most universities become pretty much nothing more than neo-marxist indoctrination and activism training camps, it may well be that they will not look at those few dissenter universities kindly, and will start putting pressure onto them to convert. And if it so happens that some of these universities refuse to convert, we might even see some form of hostile takeovers, using political, public and economic pressure, and if it escalates enough, perhaps even physical intrusions and violence. (It may start with neo-marxists from one university organizing "protests" in the campus of one of the dissenter universities, and will only escalate from there.)

Many of these neo-marxist indoctrination camps might close down due to a lack of funding and students, but some will prevail. If those hostile takeovers of the remaining universities really end up happening, and it's not successfully stopped by the police forces (eg. if they manage to do it technically within the boundaries of the law), it might mean the closure of those universities as well.

On a third note, historical revisionism will become more and more prevalent.

It will start, and we are currently already seeing a few signs and examples of this, as "historical fiction" works that will depict historically inaccurate history, especially European history, where these works are introducing completely unrealistic amounts of "minorities" into environments where they historically didn't exist, or consisted only of a very small fraction of what is depicted in the work. Most prominently, significant amounts of black people will be introduced in historical settings where there were none, or only extremely rarely. (Also in some cases significant amounts of women will be introduced into settings where they were extremely rare.)

At first it will be attributed to "artistic license", as it will just be "historical fiction", not even "intended" to be an accurate portrayal of actual history. However, as time passes, these excuses will become less and less prominent, and after a time more and more such works will be produced without even giving those excuses, presenting them as actually historically factual.

In fact, this may even transgress the boundaries of just works of fiction, and will be introduced in more serious literature, such as school books. It will probably start at grade school and work its way up all the way to universities eventually.

Also, the actions and attitudes of historic figures, or historic people, may be revised to suit the agenda. Or actions and attitudes will be outright fabricated without any evidence. Most typically, of course, and obviously, white people will become more and more villanous, and non-white people more and more innocent and victimized.

All this might start to be backed up as facts by "historians" and "scholars", who are nothing more than the current-generation students who are currently being indoctrinated in universities.

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