Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Universities are becoming indoctrination cults

I recently watched a video of a university student talking about how she's becoming utterly tired of the social justice feminism in that institution. (Incidentally, she's a black woman. Not that that matters, but at least in the eyes of the regressive left she's probably seen as some kind of traitor or someone with "internalized racism", because the regressive left cannot judge a person by her opinions, but by her gender and skin color.)

She describes how at the university she's attending social justice ideology is injected into everything. She gives as example English literature classes. Everything is taught solely from the perspective of regressive leftist social justice ideology. Even students taking purely STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, math) are forced to take gender studies and social justice classes as part of their mandatory curriculum.

For the longest times universities were places where people were taught to think critically, and to always consider and present alternative viewpoints. In subjective matters, such as sociology and politics, and all fields that are related to them (such as philosophy, literature, psychology and so on), differing positions are presented. Often students are tasked to read differing, even contradictory positions on the subject matter, and formulate their own opinion on what's good and bad about each one. Notions that may have been taken for granted are challenged. (The opposing viewpoint might not always be right, or even partially right, but that doesn't matter. The point is to be exposed, and get acquainted with opposing viewpoints, and at a more fundamental level, learn to consider and manage opposing viewpoints.)

In these universities this is no longer the case. Only one very particular and precise ideology is taught, even inculcated into the students, and opposing viewpoints are not only not presented, but in fact actively not tolerated. Some courses might even be so blatant as to directly state that dissenting opinions are not tolerated. Other professors might pay lip service to allowing differing opinions, but if anybody dares to present one, those students will be heavily shunned and ostracized, and even their grades will suffer as a consequence.

Another point she brings up is that normally all material presented in university courses would be heavily sourced. Anybody could look at the citations in the material, and check the sources. No more. In her university the vast majority of the material in the humanities courses are completely unsourced, with no citations. She mentioned noticing one exception, where in one course material a citation was actually included. She went and checked the source... and it turned out to be just some random feminist online blog, not any sort of peer-reviewed academic publication.

She laments in the video that the social justice indoctrination is making all humanities classes useless, tedious, and utterly boring. Social justice indoctrination impermeates everything, and nothing can be studied in a normal, productive manner. (She explains that English literature would be particularly interesting to her, but studying it properly is just impossible in her university.) She doesn't see any usefulness in any of her classes, she's not learning anything that would help her get a career, and she's seriously considering dropping out.

And do you know what the scariest thing is about all this? The indoctrination works. That's what.

She also describes how the majority of students in that university are deeply indoctrinated into social justice, and the vast majority of them are activists and zealots, and simply can't stop talking about it. (She mentions one especially cringeworthy example where a student explains with bright eyes how he went to some university in another country as a transfer student for an entire year... to take gender studies courses. That's it. Gender studies.)

Universities used to be the highest institutions of learning, teaching and research, where students could go get the knowledge and experience required for a high-paying career, and for professors to teach and do research. Universities used to employ the highest and strictest standards of academic rigor, both in their teaching and in their own research and publications.

No more. University after university is becoming a regressive leftist social justice cult indoctrination camp, where academic rigor, peer review, varied points of view, and proper scientifically rigorous research is all shoved aside in order to indoctrinate young adults into becoming social justice activists who are zealots and bigoted, and deeply, deeply racist and sexist.

This worries me seriously. These are the people who will eventually become politicians, law-makers, judges, police officers, teachers, and everybody who will be deciding on behalf of the entire population how the country should be run, and who should be punished for which crimes. These future politicians and law-makers are being indoctrinated into deep racism and misandry. These future teachers will be indoctrinating even younger and more impressionable children, and engaging in their bigotry, racism and sexism against them (which has already happened, and is happening at increasing levels.)

And sad, and scary, thing is that little to nothing is being done to stop this madness. On the contrary, country after country is adopting this.

It can only end in disaster.

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