Thursday, October 5, 2017

Brexit is probably not going to happen

The people of the United Kingdom voted for the country to leave the European Union. That happened in June of 2016.

Almost a year and a half later, the United Kingdom is still in the EU, with absolutely no signs of leaving yet.

And it's likely not going to ever happen (unless something like a total collapse of the EU happens, which may well be a possibility.)

One would think that since they decided to leave, it would be a rather quick process, taking maybe some weeks, a few months at most. But apparently not.

It actually would be a relatively fast process. The EU cannot force a country to stay in the union. (Of course the EU could act like the organized criminal thugs they are and try to impose sanctions on UK for leaving too soon, but the UK is rich enough and with enough connections to the rest of the world that they could well just ignore those pitiful threats. Seriously. The UK would have absolutely nothing to fear from the EU mafia.)

The problem is, the majority of politicians governing the United Kingdom don't want to leave the EU, so they have a dilemma.

They could just ignore the referendum and give their people the middle finger. However, short of doing that, they are doing the next best thing: Come up with delay after delay after delay, and reason after reason after reason why "it's not that simple" and why they can't leave just yet. It's happening very soon, we promise! Just not yet. Be patient. Any day now.

Of course the EU mafia itself is putting as many roadblocks as they can into the process, and even go so far as extorting the UK. The UK could just ignore those threats, but of course they won't. And Theresa May is already talking about an extension of a whopping 4 years, up to 2021.

The excuses just keep on coming. It's "complicated", they say, when trying to lull the populace into complacency. It's happening "any day now". Just not today. Nor tomorrow. Nor in the next 4 years. And probably not even after that. Pretty much effectively the UK is not leaving the EU, no matter what the population voted.

And this is the UK, one of the most powerful countries in the world. What hope do we, the smaller countries have? Finland, in particular, has always been so afraid of everybody else that they will never probably even organize such a referendum for the fear that people will vote the wrong way, and the EU mafia will then extort Finland. Meanwhile we are paying exorbitant sums to the EU in this insane protection racket, and taking in economic migrants that the EU is sending us, because we are too afraid of saying no (like Poland did).

I wish other countries started leaving the sinking ship. Maybe, maybe, Finland would then get the courage to do so among the others.

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