Thursday, October 26, 2017

Predictions for the near future, part 3

Or whatever part it is by now...

It won't be long that regressive leftist social justice warriors will declare chess to be a racist game. After all, it's white vs. black, and of course white goes first and thus has the advantage and privilege of the first move. (I'm actually quite honestly surprised this hasn't been a thing yet.)

A more serious one: In the near future it's very possible that regressive leftists will start opposing inter-racial relationships and marriages. Which of course means that white men can't be in a relationship, nor marry, non-white women (perhaps not even non-white men).

This second one is already showing some signs that it might be happening. There are already feminist articles out there that declare that if a white man finds Asian women attractive and desirable, that's "racist." Somehow. (You can never quite fully comprehend nor predict social justice logic.) The logical extreme of this is, of course, that at some point they will start opposing any inter-racial relationships where white men are involved. I'm somewhat convinced that the social justice mentality will evolve into that direction.

It may even go farther than that. If they oppose the very concept of an inter-racial romantic relationship, they will of course heavily oppose the idea of such a couple having children. After all, in their logic and world view it would be a terrible injustice to taint the child with the curse of whiteness. The very genes of white people will make the child racist and an oppressor.

On a similar note, SJWs will start opposing white people (at least white men) preparing, buying, or eating any non-western food, because it's "cultural appropriation". Any food that's deemed having originated from a non-western country will be off limits.

Likewise they will be advocating for outright banning white people from entering non-western restaurants altogether. Non-whites only. Anything else would be "cultural appropriation" and "oppression". And heaven forbid a non-white person offer a service to a white client.

I'm calling it now. That will happen in the near future.

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