Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The social justice cult is dangerous, even deadly, to its own people

Suppose that a car plunges at great speed into a crowd of people near you. For all you know it's a terrorist attack. The car is starting to go in reverse. What is your first instinct?

a) Run to safety, away from the car.
b) Run towards the back of the car, to block its path.

I think that if you are a normal, rational person, you would obviously choose to run away from the car. Or, at the very least, not run towards it.

However, the latter is exactly what happened. For a half dozen or so people.

Needless to say, many of these people who deliberately ran towards the reversing car got injured, one of them extremely seriously. (It is my understanding that the person who died in this incident was precisely one of those that ran towards the car after it had plunged into the crowd, although I can't corroborate this.)

What exactly caused this quasi-suicidal behavior from those people?

This is my conjecture, but I think it's very reasonable: These professional protesters have been indoctrinated into believing that they can stop cars by simply standing in their path. The idea has been inculcated deeply into their brains that just standing in the path of a car will make the driver stop, and thus there is no danger. So deeply inculcated that this became their very first instinct even though they just witnessed the car not stopping and running over people. Even against the very concrete evidence that the driver does not stop to avoid hitting people, their instinct was still to try to block the path of the car, without thinking.

And many of those people who ran towards the car were injured, at least one of them extremely seriously (because she got caught between the moving car and a parked one.) One of them might have even died.

Of course this doesn't excuse the driver (even if he did it in a panic, as some have suggested, rather than a deliberate terror attack), but I put part of the blame in the ideology that implanted this instinct into these people's heads. It put these people in serious danger by changing their natural instinct of running away from danger.

For another example, take Eric Clanton, a college professor who is facing up to 40 years in jail for multiple assaults with a deadly weapon.

Needless to say, if he gets even half of that time, his entire life will be over, completely ruined. He had a career, he's young, and he could have lived a fulfilling life as a teacher and academic. Instead, he's probably going to jail for effectively life. Unless a miracle happens, it's over for him.

In this case I, of course, blame him. But only partially. I also blame the exact same ideology, which implanted in this man's head that it's justified and good to assault people you disagree with with a deadly weapon.

The modern social justice cult is not only dangerous for the entire society, and our basic rights and freedoms, but it can be especially dangerous for its own members. It brainwashes its members to act irresponsibly and ruin their own lives, sometimes even get killed.

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