Monday, September 18, 2017

Poland is the only EU country with some balls

Angela Merkel, the dictator eh... chancellor of Germany since 2005, pretty much single-handedly decided on her own to take over a million migrants in the last couple of years into the country. And because Germany is in the middle of the EU, and pretty much runs it, that means that the EU has decided to share the burden with the entirety of the EU countries. Merkel is the elected leader of Germany, not the entirety of the EU. Nobody in any other country elected her as the dictator of the EU. But it seems that whatever she does, the EU supports her, and extorts all the other countries to obey.

That's right. Extorts. That's not hyperbole. If an EU country refuses to take a share of the burden, the EU will fine that country. Even if that country was always against taking the millions of migrants into Europe, and never agreed to it.

Well, Poland seems to be the only EU country that has some balls, because they have said "no, we won't be taking any migrants; Angela Merkel does not rule us."

The EU mafia, of course, is now threatening Poland with fines because of this.

Poland's response? "Hey, Merkel, Germany actually never recompensed us for all the damages when you invaded us during World War 2. It's time to pay up. We demand a trillion dollars in reparations."

That requires some real balls. It's time at least one country stands up to the tyranny of the EU in general, and Angela Merkel in particular. I wish more countries were like that.

I really have to wonder what the EU intends to do if Poland refuses to pay the fines. Invade Poland?

At this point, wouldn't even surprise me.

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