Saturday, September 16, 2017

Criminal negligence by the US police

I wrote in a previous blog post, "Crimes that appear to be legal in the US if protesting", how in many places in the United States the police will simply watch, doing nothing, while people are committing clear crimes, or people are being harassed and even assaulted.

Here are a couple of examples.

A man is being harassed and physically assaulted by punches and pulls, in full view of the police, who are doing nothing more than watching the events happening, without intervening. This has been going on for a while.

The man verbally pleads to the police to intervene. They do nothing other than just watch.

The man gets kicked in the back of his knee, he is dragged to the ground, and the assaulters start kicking him.

Only then does the police intervene. But only then. The assault had been going on for a good while, in full view of the police, and the victim even pleaded the police to intervene, and they did absolutely nothing but just watch.

Two guys are being harassed, chased, and throw objects at by a mob of violent people.

The two guys are retreating, with their hands up, showing no sign of violence. The angry mob still chases them and throws objects at them.

The two guys retreat to a group of police officers, who are in full riot gear, and one of them pleads the police to intervene.

Rather than intervening, or doing something, the police officers on the contrary just stop the two guys and in fact physically push them towards the assaulters. The harassment continues for a good while, in full view of the police, and the police officers do absolutely nothing to stop it. They only watch.

And these are just two examples of many. This absolutely sickens me. These police officers are directly witnessing a crime being committed, right in front of them, and they are just watching, doing nothing. They are allowing the harassment and violence to happen. They are not performing their duty to stop it.

Those police forces are corrupted, criminal, and belong in jail. They have no place in safeguarding people and upholding the law. They are no better than the Mafia. It's like a police state, where instead of the police committing violence against innocent people, they allow gangs of terrorist criminals to do the violence, while they just watch doing nothing to intervene. This is in no way better than organized crime having bought the police with bribes, making the police look the other way while crimes are being committed.

Moreover, the government of the United States isn't doing anything about this. No investigations, no prosecutions, nothing. People are being harassed, assaulted and beaten on the streets, and all kinds of other crimes are being committed as well (such as destruction of property), and the police is not doing anything to stop it, and the government is not doing anything about it either. This means that for all intents and purposes the government itself is also corrupted. The government is not doing their duty of seeing that laws are being enforced, peace and order kept, and corrupt police officers investigated and prosecuted. (Which baffles the mind, really, given that the US government is currently pretty much run by the Republican Party. One would think that it would be in their policy to make sure that law and order is maintained. But apparently not.)

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