Thursday, September 14, 2017

Giving puberty-blocking hormones to children is child abuse

The current social justice cult is such a virulent dangerous sickness of the mind, that it's actually scary. School after school, institution after institution, government after government, and person after person are being infected with it. It's especially scary and dangerous when governments are infected by it, and start passing laws to enforce these ideas onto people.

It becomes especially heinous when these ideas are being enacted onto impressionable children. It's a form of child abuse that may in many cases prove extremely harmful to the children involved.

Recently there was an episode of the show 60 Minutes of Australia, where they interview a 14-year-old boy, who was born a boy, but started "transitioning" to be a girl a couple of years prior, and is now in the process of "transitioning" back. And in this case "transitioning" meant taking hormone blockers and estrogen pills. Now that he's a couple of years older, he wants to reverse the process, but is facing legal problems. According to Australian law he shouldn't have been given any hormone-blocking medication in the first place, but he effectively blackmailed his own mother to give them to him. Now he regrets the decision. (The legal problems he's now facing is that according to the letter of the law he's not allowed to be given hormone therapy to reverse the process, until he's 17.)

Confusing young teens and children, even very young children, about their own gender is becoming more and more prevalent in the west. School after school, in country after country, is starting to do this.

What's scarier is that some countries are already pushing to make it legal to give puberty blockers to children. In Australia it's still illegal. The legal status of this is being debated in many other countries, and in a few of them it might in fact already be legal.

There are two facts that make this scary, and a form of serious child abuse:

Firstly, these puberty blockers, and hormone therapy, make the person infertile, and increases the risk of several types of cancer. Once the person has taken enough of these drugs, they can never have children of their own, and their average life expectancy may have been severely lowered. This is a process that cannot be reversed in any way. The damage is permanent.

Secondly, according to DSM-5, as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex as their gender, after going through normal puberty. In other words, by far the vast majority of gender confusion in young people is normal but temporary.

However, the current social justice cult ideology wants to hurry to put all these gender-confused children (who are even more confused now than ever because of all the SJW brainwashing) to hormone blockers. And that's not an exaggeration. There's a very strong push in many countries to do this.

This is a very severe form of child abuse. If this agenda gets passed, all these children will become infertile and will have a lower life expectancy. Most of them will also likely regret it later in life, and will be unable to do anything, because the damage is irreversible.

In my very strong opinion, not only should the current laws restricting the use of hormone blockers on children be kept, they should on the contrary made stronger, and enforced to the full extent of the law. And if it were up to me, brainwashing children into becoming gender-confused should be banned from schools. If a few children are genuinely gender-dysphoric, then it can be dealt with as they grow up; however, impressionable children should not be deliberately confused with deliberate propaganda. This propaganda, and especially using these drugs on confused children, is a heinous crime against humanity. I can't even understand how some people can't see this.

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