Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why you should never date a modern feminist

If you are a man, you should never, ever date a modern feminist woman. It doesn't matter if you are pro feminism (either classical or the current regressive version), against modern feminism, completely neutral, or anywhere in between, dating a modern feminist is a really bad idea, because it's a gamble that could ruin your life.

I'm completely serious here. This is not a joke. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is not "MRA talk" or "MGTOW talk". This is serious. As said, even if you are yourself a 100% modern feminist social justice activist, you should still never date a feminist, because you are gambling with your life.

The reason for this is that modern regressive feminism considers the word of a woman to be gospel. If she says she was raped, then to social justice warriors that's 100% truth. The woman can withdraw "consent" whenever she wants, for whatever reason she wants, no questions asked. And that "whenever" really means whenever. Even years after the fact. And modern feminism will back her up on this, no matter what. If weeks, months or even years along the line she decides to withdraw "consent" and that she was "raped" by you, then in the eyes of the feminist mob she was raped by you. No ifs, maybes, ands or buts. She says she was raped, that means she was raped. No questions asked.

And the feminist mob will not just sit idly by, and let the authorities handle the situation (assuming authorities are involved at all). They will engage in vigilante justice and try their hardest to destroy your life. Even if the authorities conclude with 100% certainty that the rape claims are false, that won't make an iota of difference. They will still try to ruin your life.

The likelihood of this happening increases due to the fact that modern regressive feminism is inherently misandrist, and makes their members very bigoted and vindictive. If you ever, ever break up with her, or make her mad, or sometimes even for no reason whatsoever, she might resort to accusing you of rape as a form of revenge, especially if her feminist friends convince her to do so. Yes, this has demonstrably happened in real life. And probably happens a lot more than is actually reported.

So it's a gamble. You are playing with your life and reputation. It could well be completely ruined, even if you are absolutely innocent, and even if you are a 100% feminist yourself.

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