Friday, January 20, 2017

What do VR games look like? Update.

A half year ago I looked what VR games look like. Has the situation improved in this time?

And, once again, I'm not pick&choosing the worst examples. I'm examining indiscriminately the top-rated VR games on Steam, in order, using their promotional screenshots.

A few of the same games appear in the list again, so I'm going to skip those, and only presenting the new ones.

Waltz of the Wizard

Looks decent enough. Not much to complain. Maybe not Crysis 3, but compared to the average it might just as well be.

Rec Room

Looks like barely PlayStation 2 level graphics.

Google Earth VR

This may look quite nice as a thumbnail, but if you look at the full-sized version, it's actually much more simplistic than it appears (it has a quite low polygon count). But looks decent enough, I suppose.


Again barely PS2-level graphics. Looks like garbage. I could expect a DOS game to look something like this.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

I think we are seeing a pattern here. Although, I suppose, most PS2 games didn't have dynamic shadows. But if you look at the full-sized picture, the shadows have an absolutely horrible resolution. The rest looks PS2 level.

SportsBar VR

Looks decent enough. Maybe a bit low of a polygon count if you look at the full-sized picture, but it's ok. Not much to complain about.


This looks just bizarre, and PS2 level graphics once again. (And no, I didn't choose the most nondescript screenshot. They are all like this.) The screenshot is also really blurry; maybe they compressed it too much.

Castle Must Be Mine

We continue the PS2-level-graphics theme.

Cosmic Sugar VR

This one is even more bizarre. And once again, I didn't pick&choose the most nondescript screenshot. They are all like this. Judging from the screenshots this doesn't look like a game at all, just some small tech demo effect.


And barely PS2-level graphics. And really dark (yes, all screenshots are this dark).

Smashbox Arena, The Diner Duo, Anyland

These are all in one because they don't really need separate comments. They all look like PS2, even PS1 level.

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