Friday, January 6, 2017

I really, really hate online multiplayer games

I recently bought Titanfall 2 for the PS4. The game looks great (especially on a 4k display) and the single player campaign is really good. I really enjoyed it.

The game, however, is more known for its online multiplayer mode (especially because the first game was multiplayer-only). So after the single-player campaign I decided to give it a try.

I don't really like online multiplayer games, especially the arena-shooter style ones. I find them boring, tedious, pointless and absolutely horrible in terms of balance. Most often they don't have any sort of story, no progression, no goal, nothing to achieve. They consist mostly of just running around the same level over and over, shooting everybody. And of course everybody else is a hundred times better than me at it, so I never have a chance. I don't play online multiplayer games, I only play single-player campaigns, so I don't really have the experience.

But I decided to give this one a try. Because why not? The game is there; I only need to select the menu option to start the multiplayer game. It doesn't cost me anything to try it.

So there's a short intro, and I fall to the ground. I have no idea what the goal is, so I just start running to some direction that looks interesting. After about 10 seconds of this, somebody kills me in like one or two shots. I don't even see who it was. I just die. Just like that. Bam! Dead. I didn't even get to fire a single shot.

"F**k this s**t." I quit the game. Total playtime (discounting the non-playable intro), about 10 seconds.

I'm just not interested in this kind of game, and this reminded me precisely why.

This kind of thing would never fly in a single-player campaign mode. You just getting killed 10 seconds after starting, by something that you can't even see, with no justification, storywise reason or anything, just a random death by some random enemy which you couldn't even see, would just be bad design. It would make no sense.

And no, I wouldn't begin to like the game mode if I gave it more of a try. I have tried that countless times in the past. It has never worked. It always sucks. It's boring, tedious, repetitive, too random, too difficult, and makes no sense. I highly doubt this would be any different.

It's not the difficulty per se. Coincidentally, I just recently, a few days ago, finished the game Dark Souls III, which is a superb game. It can be difficult as hell. But it's a sort of fair difficulty, and the difficulty is very well implemented and makes sense. It's the sort of difficulty that makes you want to try it again, to beat it. It's not random, arbitrary deaths. (And, of course, there's progression, goals, achievements, rewards, and things to do and achieve.)

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