Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blatant racism is becoming more and more prevalent

Students At Top University Want To Ban White Philosophers.
Students at one of Europe’s top universities are calling for philosophers such as Plato, Descartes, Immanuel Kant and Bertrand Russell to be dropped from the curriculum because they are white.
Yes, the sole criterion on which it should be decided whether the works of a philosopher should be taught is the skin color of said person. It doesn't matter what that person wrote, and how influential he might have been. The only thing that matters is his skin color. If the skin color is wrong, then his work should be banned.

Although, to be fair, those students, the magnanimous philanthropist they are, are ready to give a small concession:
It goes on to say that white philosophers should be studied only “if required”, – and even in those circumstances their work should be taught only from “a critical standpoint”.
Yes. White philosophers can in exceptional circumstances be studied. But only if everything they wrote is criticized. Heaven forbid they would actually consider what that white devil wrote as something reasonable and acceptable. That would be tantamount to sacrilege.

And, once again: The sole reason why the works of those particular philosophers should only be criticized is because they had the wrong skin color. Not because of what they wrote, or what kind of influence they had. Because of their skin color.

This is textbook racism, in its purest form. And if you think this is just an individual isolated case, you'd be quite wrong. This is, in fact, becoming more and more widespread.

And what exactly, do you guess, are the consequences of this blatant racism, in our modern society? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. These people are completely free to engage in their racism with complete and absolute impunity, with zero consequences. In fact, in many cases they are actually encouraged to do so.

Just consider what it would sound like if "white" were replaced for example with "jewish". Why is modern western society resembling more and more nazi Germany? And why are we allowing this? Didn't we learn anything from nazism?

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