Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why is the social justice ideology so virulent?

For many years I have been watching horrified how far the modern feminist social justice ideology is going, and what kind of negative effects it has on the world as large (such as censorship, limiting basic human freedoms, intimidation, harassment, persecution, sometimes even from officials), but I have been able to largely do this as a distant observer from here Finland. Surely my country is a modern progressive (the right kind of progressive, not the regressive social justice kind) society that just laughs off that madness that's happening at distant lands far away?

Nope. The ideology is so incredibly virulent that it's already metastasizing Finnish education at all levels.

First the ministry of education announced that they will be teaching social justice to grade schoolers, almost directly copied from the same program in Australia. The whole shebang. Whites are privileged, there are like a million different genders, terminology like "cis"... The entire thing.

And now the major university in Finland has officially announced that it's a feminist organization.

The latter has caused controversy because all university students are officially members of said organization, as this is a requirement for them to attend and get a degree. If some students would not want to be part of a "feminist" organization, but are forced to, if they want to graduate, this may be a breach of the Finnish constitution (which quite specifically says that people cannot be forced to join any groups they don't want to, especially to get some kind of public service, which university education arguably is, especially given that it's heavily, even exclusively, funded by the government, making it in essence a governmental entity.)

But why? Why is modern feminist social justice ideology so incredibly virulent? Why do organization after organization, country after country, embrace it, ignoring all the major problems it has, including the trampling of basic human rights and libertarian values?

I guess that it will only be a matter of time before we will see the same kind of censorship, harassment and human rights violations in Finnish universities as we are seeing elsewhere.

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