Monday, November 14, 2016

Why did Trump win?

After Trump's victory in the American presidential elections, blogs and YouTube were filled with crying social justice warriors. Some of these videos are just hilarious. Others are really scary (such as the one by the infamous Anita Sarkeesian, where she talks exactly like a dangerous cult leader. It's astonishingly dark and scary.)

One of the most infamous YouTube feminists, Laci Green, also made such a video. She says in that video: "We let this happen."

No. You didn't "let this happen." You made this happen. It didn't happen regardless of your efforts. It happened precisely because of your efforts. (And by "you" I'm referring to the entire regressive leftist cult.)

The Democratic Party (ie. the "liberals", ie. the "left") in the United States has been largely appropriated by the modern feminist social justice ideology. Not all supporters of said party are social justice warriors, but quite a significant portion of its politicians, its head figures, are at the very least sympathetic to the ideology, and parrot much of its rhetoric.

One of the major problems with the so-called "regressive left" is that it tries to inculcate its policies into people via shaming. It shames people, it accuses people, it insults people. According to them, the vast majority of the citizens are racists, sexists, misogynists, even Nazis. Which is highly ironic and hypocritical, given how racist the regressive left ideology itself is. This ideology absolutely hates and detests white people, and can't stop denigrating, insulting and shaming them. According to them white people are the cause of all the problems in our society. They are scum. They are racists and sexists. They are "deplorables". White people are being constantly accused of all kinds of horrible things, and shamed into obedience.

This ideology does not listen to people. It shames people. It looks and feels like a totalitarian ideology that does not work for the people, for the citizens. It's an ideology that promulgates being morally superior. To know better. It's a smug and condescending ideology.

When year after year after year people have been subjected to this kind of abuse, when year after year they have been insulted and attacked simply because of the color of their skin, when their worries are not heard but instead laughed at and dismissed, is it any wonder that when somebody comes with an alternative message, the people will listen to him? When somebody comes and treats them with respect, and wants to raise them once again to the status of normalcy, is it any wonder that people will listen to him? When people have been emotionally abused for so long, they will pay attention to somebody giving a better alternative.

So no. You did not let this happen. You made this happen. You can call them racists and Nazis all you like, but the real culprit can be found in the mirror. The citizens are not racists and Nazis; they are normal people. Normal people who are fed up with your constant authoritarian abuse. Most of these people did not vote for Trump. They voted against you.

Some journalists understand this perfectly. (That article is amazing. I recommend reading it.)

Is it bad that Trump was elected? Probably not. In fact, it's probably much better that he was elected than if Clinton had, especially from the perspective of global politics. Tensions between the United States and Russia have been increasing over the years, especially due to the economic sanctions that the former has imposed on the latter. Russia has become more and more desperate over the years, even talking about drastic measures (up to nuclear strikes.)

Clinton did not show any signs of wanting to amend, or even ease, the relationship with Russia. On the contrary. Trump, however, is likely to want to ease the economic sanctions, and come to better terms with Russia. If this ends up happening (which it likely will), that will be good for the entire world, but especially Europe, and the United States itself. We really don't want a nuclear superpower to feel cornered, for it to feel like the entire rest of the world is against them. That's not good for anybody.

Of course this is complex world-wide politics, and I am in no way an expert. However, I do think that, globally, Trump's victory will end up doing more good than Clinton's victory would have. (I also doubt that Trump will do any of the things that the regressive left is envisioning him doing. Maybe he'll do a few minor things within the United States itself, but other than that, I don't think there will be much harm to the rest of the world. Maybe it will be a bit of the opposite, in fact.)

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