Friday, November 18, 2016

Toxic femininity

The modern feminist social justice ideology is, at its core, deeply misandrist. In other words, it just hates men. Almost every complaint and claim they make is about something related to men and how they are somehow a problem. At the same time, they will never, ever, acknowledge any fault that's prevalent in women and rare in men.

"Toxic masculinity" is but one of the several such topics they have come up with. It's mostly misaimed, based on exaggerations, fabrications, and barking up the wrong tree.

Well, I could just as well use the same tactics to come up with the concept of "toxic femininity" to attack women as a whole. Like this.

(Note: I obviously don't think like this. I'm making this up as a demonstration of how you can come up with such rhetoric, using facts mixed up with exaggerations, fabrications and fallacious conclusions.)
Toxic femininity is the phenomenon that women, at large, are raised in our society to be overly emotional, dependent and vindictive. Girls in school, especially high school, are most often teased, bullied and harassed by other girls (fact), which only strengthens this detrimental cultural vicious cycle. No wonder that women, when they grow up, are enormously more likely to commit infanticide (fact), and overall engage in emotional and even physical abuse of children (fact). They are also at least as likely to be the aggressor in domestic violence as men (fact). Women are also raised to be dependent on their husband, and thus seek higher-paying jobs much less often than men. Thus many women abuse this situation, often by demanding being housewives, who don't need to go to work, while their husbands will. Women often also enjoy the privilege of getting smaller (or even no) sentences for the same crimes as men (fact), and most often win custody battles (fact).
Toxic femininity can also be seen in their day-to-day behavior, especially among themselves. They are prone to gossip and to slander people behind their backs. A cultural behavior that's only reinforced by the media, TV and movies. They are also often very emotional, taking even the slightest offenses or remarks very seriously, and are very vindictive about it. These are often things that men would just shove off as trash talk or humor. Because of these cultural norms, women are very prone to become depressed, anxious, and even hysterical. Where men typically remain calm, collected and reasonable, women will often react emotionally and aggressively.
See, when you start making stuff up, it can go both ways. Basically nothing of what I wrote above is exactly false (and I have marked everything that's a hard fact), but the message that the text is conveying is quite unfair and fallacious, full of exaggeration and bias.

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