Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fidel Castro dies, the regressive left praises him as a hero

Fidel Castro was a brutal totalitarian dictator of Cuba who oppressed the citizens of Cuba for almost 60 years. For all that time, consistently, Cuba ranked as one of the countries with most human rights violations. Firing squads, imprisonment of political dissenters and journalists, you name it. Castro's regime impoverished the country, while Castro himself was a multi-millionaire. He ruled the country with an iron fist.

When news of Castro's death surfaced, Cubans who had escaped political persecution to the United States, and pretty much lived in exile there, marched the streets in celebration. They expressed their sincere relief that one of the darkest moments in their country's history was finally, at some level, over, and that perhaps now their country will begin the long and arduous march to human rights and liberty.

Surely world leaders would have sympathized with these political exiles? Certainly a word of hope, a wish for a new brighter era for Cuba was widely expressed?

Of course not. You see, Castro was a communist. And you know how the regressive left, which has pretty much invaded the leadership of most western countries, think about communism.

State leader after state leader published an eulogy praising Castro as a great leader. For example Justin Trudeau's eulogy is so cringeworthy that it's just disgusting. (In fact, it has become a meme to parody his eulogy of Castro by writing similar eulogies of other oppressive mass-murdering totalitarian dictators from history.)

Donald Trump, of all people, seems to be the only head of state who had the balls to criticize Castro, and was he on fire. He described Castro as a "brutal dictator" and described all the injustices and human rights violations he had committed over his long career. He was also the only leader to express the wish that perhaps now libertarian values and freedoms will start in Cuba.

So regressive leftist leaders praise Castro as a great leader, a hero of the people. Donald Trump calls him for what he really was. And then the leftists wonder why Trump is so popular.

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