Sunday, March 20, 2016

When will SJW's commit the first act of terrorism?

Social justice, especially in the United States, is becoming more and more radical and extremist, and more and more like a fundamentalist cult. Just read the Campus Reform website for tidbits of the most insane things they are doing.

These people have already become so radicalized that their protests and demonstrations are becoming more and more violent by the day. In fact, many of them outright harass and even commit acts of physical aggression already.

It will be only a matter of time before they become so radicalized that they will start committing actual acts of terrorism. The kind of terrorism that leaves dozens, if not even hundreds of people dead. Mark my words. It will inevitably happen. It may be a mass shooting, or a bomb, or something similar, but something like that is likely to happen sooner or later, committed in the name of social justice.

If Donald Trump happens to be elected president of the United States (I have no idea at this point if he will, but I think he won't; but it's always possible), I'm willing to bet that he is a likely target of these upcoming terrorist attacks.

To social justice warriors Trump is pretty much Hitler. They are saying it themselves.

Ask a social justice warrior that if they could go back in time, with a gun, and had Hitler in front of them before he became the nazi leader, if they would kill him.

Well, now consider that they think that Trump is pretty much Hitler.

The first terrorist attacks by social justice warriors might be delayed if Trump does not get elected (which I think will likely be the case, although you never know), but I'm still sure that it will happen at some point. It's only a matter of time.

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