Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Anita Sarkeesian is scamming people again

In January 24 I wrote about how Anita Sarkeesian announced she was ending the "Tropes vs. Women" video series because of "depression". I predicted that she would make a comeback when she was going to run out of money, and ask for more money.

Well, it took a lot less time than I expected. She is now, only a bit over a month later, asking for another 200 thousand dollars for yet another bullshit project. It seems that she got over her "depression" quite quickly.

"But hey", you might ask, "why are you saying she's scamming people?"

Well, consider that she initially asked for 6 thousand dollars for her original "Tropes vs Women" project. She got a lot more money than that. According to her tax report from 2014, she got a total revenue of 411929 dollars.

Her "non-profit" (which means "tax exempt") organization does nothing more than YouTube videos. Can you guess how many videos she made in 2014 using those 400+ thousand dollars? Take a guess.


And no, these are not some grand-scale productions requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars. These are low-production videos that require nothing more than a camera and some editing software, which people all over YouTube do with no budget at all. (Even if you count all the possible one-time expenses required to make such videos, including recording equipment, a computer, and editing software, we are talking about a few thousands dollars.)

To this day she has done about half of the videos she promised for six thousand dollars.

"But she has to live!"

She has to live by making three videos a year. And billing 20000 dollars for a single speech. Yeah, right. I wish I could bill 20 thousand dollars for a speech, and make three videos a year for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's more money for a single speech than many people make in a year doing actual work.

Anita Sarkeesian is nothing but a scam artist. She plays the victim and gets hundreds of thousands of dollars every year of pity money, and egregiously high speech fees, doing basically nothing. Doing things that most people do with no budget at all. YouTube is full of videos made by amateurs that have significantly higher production quality, and those people did not need to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to make them. And they are making them at a very regular basis, sometimes even once a week, all year. That's over 50 videos a year, of much higher quality than Anita's.

And the sad thing is that her scam works. As of writing this, she has already raised over 10 thousand dollars for this new bullshit project. And I'm sure that number is only going to go up in the next days. All the while her "non-profit" company has something like a half million dollars in assets, at least.

She is scamming people out of their money, and nothing can stop her.

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