Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quantum Break on Windows Store only?

When Rise of the Tomb Raider appeared on the Windows Store, people noticed several limitations imposed on the game (whether by design or by accident, nobody probably knows). Among the worst ones:
  • The game forces vsync. The major problem with this is that, seemingly, this doesn't allow the game to use g-sync in capable monitors (because it requires for vsync to be turned off in the game). In other words, the g-sync capability of your monitor (if it has it) becomes useless.
  • No fullscreen mode, only borderless window mode. (With some graphics cards this has an impact on performance.)
  • No overlays possible. This means no Steam overlay, no MSI Afterburner overlay, no GeForce Experience overlay, no ShadowPlay. It also means no Steam Controller configuration is possible.
  • There is no executable file on disk for the game. This means that anything that watches for such an executable being launched can't be used. This includes things like custom mouse settings (such as Logitech Gaming Software), the Nvidia control panel (which can normally be used to tweak graphical settings outside of games, on a game-by-game basis), and no custom Steam Controller setup.
  • No SLI nor CrossFire support.
  • Windows10 only. It's not possible to purchase the game on older versions of Windows.
Fortunately the game is also available on Steam, and that version has none of those problems.

Quantum Break by Remedy Entertainment is a long-awaited game with a great amount of hype. Microsoft has announced that it will be available for the PC only via the Windows Store. That's right; no Steam version, or any other version. Windows Store only.

While it has still not been confirmed, many fear that most, and probably all, of the above limitations will apply to it as well, because it will use the same technology.

For this reason there is a large amount of negative hype surrounding the game, even before launch. Not because the game is bad, but because of all the above. Many people are driven off the idea of buying the game, since it will be so crippled. And people not using Windows10 will not be able to purchase the game even if they wanted to.

I wouldn't be surprised if this decision will hurt the sales of the game. And as far as I know, this was a decision done solely by Microsoft, not by Remedy. In other words, Microsoft is possibly screwing Remedy on this whole thing, and hurting sales of the game.

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