Thursday, March 17, 2016

There is no such a thing as "reverse racism" or "reverse sexism"

Many feminists like to spout that there is no such thing as "reverse racism" or "reverse sexism". For once, I happen to agree. However, I don't agree with that statement for the same reason as they do.

"Reverse racism" and "reverse sexism" make exactly as much sense as "reverse murder", "reverse theft", "reverse rape", "reverse arson" or "reverse jaywalking". It's nonsensical. There is only murder, theft, rape, arson and jaywalking. In the same way there is only racism and sexism. There is no "reverse" anything, because that's completely nonsensical.

A woman can be as much of a sexist as a man. A black person can be as much of a racist as a white person. (And, in fact, many social justice warriors are overtly and obnoxiously sexist and racist, but that's another topic.)

What feminists mean that "there is no such thing as reverse sexism or reverse racism" is that a woman, somehow, cannot be sexist towards a man, and a black person can't be racist against a white person. Because reasons.

It's a perfect excuse. A cop-out. It gives them carte blanche to be as sexist and racist as they want, without the moral and ethical dilemmas that would ensue. It gives them justification to be as sexist and racist they want without having to feel bad about it, or having to answer for it. All they have to do is claim "I'm not a sexist because I can't be a sexist." Which, of course, pretty much allows them to do whatever they want, without the moral repercussions.

I'm sorry, but if you are a sexist and a racist, you are a sexist and a racist no matter how many rationalizations you come up with, no matter how much you would want to rewrite the dictionary to rule yourself out. Playing with terminology and coming up with excuses does not free you from responsibility.

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