Thursday, August 20, 2015

Human milk

One day I was talking with a friend about cheese, and I pondered if you could make cheese out of human milk, and what it would taste like.

I bet that when you read that, you got an immediate feeling of aversion, even disgust, didn't you?

But why? Don't get me wrong, I get the same feeling as well, and the thing is, I can't get rid of it no matter how much I think about it logically. (I'm not saying all people have this instinctive aversion, but most do.)

Why do we have such a strong instinctive aversion towards human milk? Where is it coming from? This feeling is almost as strong as our instinctive aversion towards cannibalism. But what causes it?

After all, babies drink that stuff all the time, and we think nothing of it. It's normal. It's healthy. We do not get any kind of feeling of aversion, or think about "cannibalism" in this context. So what exactly makes it different as an adult? Why the aversion and disgust?

I often like to theorize about the innate instincts we have, and where they come from. However, with this one I'm pretty much drawing a blank. I have no idea why we have this innate instinct of aversion. Does it have a biological purpose? (If it does, what could it be? As far as I know, human milk is in no way harmful to adults.) Is it just a psychological by-product of something else? If so, what?

I have no idea, really.

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