Friday, August 28, 2015

How feminism can be dangerous to women: Flibanserin

Examples of how feminism can actually be dangerous to women's health are piling up.

I made previously a blog post about one example: Normalizing obesity. (Obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a bunch of other diseases. Yet a portion of modern feminism wants to make obesity something "normal" and not something that should be avoided and fixed.)

Feminism also discourages women from taking precautions against being assaulted and raped (which, of course, have devastating effects both physically and psychologically.)

The latest example is the "viagra for women", ie. flibanserin. The FDA rejected the drug twice because it has extremely poor efficacy in treating women with lowered sexual desire disorder, and has an alarmingly high rate of side-effects (with 75% of the test subjects reporting negative effects during treatment). These side-effects include things like low blood pressure, drowsiness, fatigue and fainting, among others. Also, alcohol is categorically not to be used during treatment, as it had severe side-effects on the majority of test subjects. (And this is not just a pill that you pop once in a while when you feel like it. The treatment consists of taking a pill every day for months, or even years. And during all that time, absolutely no alcohol. And even then, you are still 75% likely to get adverse side effects. And all this for a negligible improvement.)

Yet, the FDA was bullied by several feminist groups to approve the drug. The reasoning these groups had to pressure the FDA was because it's "unfair" that men have so many drugs to treat sexual dysfunction, while women have very few. There were even accusations of sexism and misogyny. They completely ignored the science.

So in the near future a corporation will be allowed to sell a pill for women which is pretty much a placebo in terms of helping their problem, but which has a high likelihood of negative side-effects, including low blood-pressure, drowsiness and backouts, and which can be outright dangerous if used with alcohol.

And if that didn't fully sink in, let me repeat: Drowsiness and blackouts. For women seeking to enjoy sex.

And if that still doesn't sink in, let me state it more clearly: This can be, effectively, a self-administered rape drug.

Which feminists bullied the FDA to approve.

Great job, feminists. Great job.

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