Sunday, August 30, 2015

A solution to the "wage gap" problem

Feminists just love to sensationalize the "wage gap". It's an enormous problem affecting the entire world, and needs to be fixed urgently. Well, let me propose a solution:

Firstly, if too many women are applying for lower-paying jobs, we stop them and force them to take higher-paying jobs. For example, if too many women are applying for the position of pediatrician, then we put a limit to how many women can apply to it, and force the excess to apply for the position of surgeons, cardiologists, and so on. (Naturally they will have to study those degrees, but we can force them to do that as well.) Or if, for example, too many women are becoming hair stylists or kindergarten teachers, we put a limit on that, and force the excess to become construction workers, miners, electrical engineers, and so on.

Of course this has to work in the other direction as well (else there will still be an imbalance.) In other words, if too many men are applying for the position of cardiac surgeons, electrical engineers and so on and so forth, we put a limit to it, and instead force them to become pediatricians, kindergarten teachers and hair stylists.

You know, because personal choice does not matter. Only the "wage gap" does.

However, that's not still enough. Secondly, we have to force women to do the same amount of hours as men, whether they want it or not. After all, it doesn't help if they are doing the same jobs, they also have to do the same amount, in order to earn the same.

So, for example, we look at how many hours on average male miners are doing, and force all female miners to do the same hours, even if they don't want to. If male miners are doing, let's say, 50 hours a week, then we force female miners to do 50 hours a week. (This might sound a bit like slave labor, but that doesn't matter. What matters is the "wage gap".)

Thirdly, maternity leave has to go. Sorry, but if you want to earn the same amount of money as men, you can't take time off, else your yearly work hours won't match.

On that same note, you can't be a stay-at-home mom. You have to earn the same as men in order to close the "wage gap", therefore you will be forced to go to that construction site or that mine, and do the same job as men do, in order to earn the same salary. You have no choice in this matter. Closing the "wage gap" is much more important than your personal choices.

Alternatively, we could force some men to be "stay-at-home dads" and force the mothers to go to work, whether they want it or not. (Naturally the mom needs to study the requirements for the job to be qualified. For example, if the father was a neurosurgeon, we'll have to force the mother to become a neurosurgeon instead. Because personal choice is not important in this situation, only the "wage gap".)

But how can we achieve this utopia where there is no "wage gap" anymore? How can we remove people's freedoms and force them to do jobs that they might not want? Well, the only possible solution to this is to create a world-wide totalitarian dictatorship, and annul all constitutions and declarations of human rights. This way we can use slave labor and force people to earn the same amount of money each year. Dissenters could be put in concentration camps to teach them a lesson. I think we can really learn from how North Korea does these things.

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