Saturday, December 3, 2016

The leftist media vs. BLM vs. gamergate

I think that both the "Black Lives Matter" and the "Gamergate" movements are excellent examples of how utterly biased the current left-leaning regressive media is, at large.

At least 99% of the media presented the absolutely unilateral biased narrative that Gamergate is this fuzzy indeterminate hate movement by male gamers against women in videogaming. By large they either ignored or ridiculed the claim by actual people in the movement that it's actually a customer revolt against corruption in video game journalism. (Criticism against the "progressive" feminist social justice ideology that seems to have largely invaded said journalism may also have been a significant motivation for the movement, but in this case it's not motivated by misogyny in any way, shape or form either. It's a protest against censorship of video games, and against the tirade of condescension and insults that the video game journals had thrown at the average gamer, their readership.)

The media kept constantly bringing up all the "harassment" and "threats" that gamergaters allegedly had bombarded many prominent women with. Actual proof that these attacks were in fact made by actual gamergate activists was scarce, even non-existent. Assertions that Gamergate does not approve of such actions were largely ignored or dismissed. Even assuming that some of those online attacks were perpetrated by some people who identified themselves as "gamergaters", the media condemned the entire movement by the actions of that small minority of individuals.

Which brings us to the polar opposite of gamergate, in the sense of how the leftist media treats the movement: Black Lives Matter.

BLM protesters have engaged in looting, arson, destruction of private property, physical violence, credible threats, and derisive insults towards, among other people, the police force in general. And these are not just alleged actions. There are tons and tons of video footage of this, completely unambiguous and with no room for misinterpretation. These are people carrying "Black Lives Matter" signs, chanting the most heinous things, and looting, burning and destroying private property.

So, does the leftist media treat BLM like they did (and still do) Gamergate? Do they condemn the entire thing as a dangerous violent hate movement because of the actions of some individuals?

Of course not. They treat the exact opposite of what they do with Gamergate. They, of course, defend BLM to the end. They make up all the excuses in the world to defend them.

If the leftist media were consistent and had even a shred of integrity, rather than hypocrisy, they would offer similar treatment to all major citizen revolts: Either condemn them all for the actions of the few, or defend them all regardless of the actions of the few. When you do one with one movement, and the other with another movement, that's clear political bias.

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