Saturday, December 24, 2016

Anti-white racism

This post is not about social justice warriors who hate white people (especially white men). While they are great enablers of anti-white racism, this is nevertheless not about them. It's about some black people who are deeply, deeply racist against white people.

And I'm completely serious about that. Just imagine the absolute worst kind of racist you can think of. The kind of racist that's not only prejudiced and discriminatory, but actually thinks of those other races as actually and literally inferior, in the physical and biological sense, even non-human. That kind of racism.

There are some black people out there who seriously and literally think that white people are not actually human, and that all white people, every single one of them, is innately racist (the sheer irony is palpable.) In other words, their brains are hard-wired to be racist. They literally think of white people as sub-human; not just as an insult, but actually biologically non-human. They think that white people have never invented anything useful, and can only destroy and exploit.

To reach these conclusions they use what the TV Tropes site calls "insane troll logic", in other words, non-sequiturs that are so insane that it's just ridiculous.

It has been estimated that humans share a percentage of DNA with neanderthals. To these black racists that means that white people are not human. Somehow.

Studies have shown that babies have a natural aversion to people who don't look like their parents, and skin color tends to be one of the major distinctive features. These black racists, of course, apply this only to white people (even though those studies show that it applies to all people) and say that every single white person is innately racist. You know, because black people can't be racist (because social justice warriors say they can't.) Some of these black racists have actually swallowed the claim that those studies only apply to white people.

If a team of 50 scientists developed some new technology, which of course also includes using previous knowledge and technology, if at any point along the line, within that team itself, or among the people who invented any of the previous technologies used here, even one single person who contributed to this pool of knowledge and research was non-white, that means that the entire thing was invented by non-whites, and white people have never invented anything. Yes, even if a thousand people in total can be seen as contributed somehow to the development of some invention, in one form of another, and even a single one of those people was non-white, no matter how small their contribution to the overall invention was, that means that that single person is the sole inventor and without him it wouldn't have happened at all, and the contribution of the 999 white people does not matter in any way.

You might think I'm exaggerating with that last one, but I'm not. That's literally what those black racists think. Whenever you see them making the argument and giving an example, they will search high and low to find even one black person who contributed to the pool of knowledge needed for that invention, and declare the entire thing as his invention, completely disregarding everybody else. Even if the black person was just the janitor of the building where the research was done, that's more than enough: Without him none of it would have happened, so the entire invention exists thanks to him, and can be attributed entirely to him.

And, of course, these black racists literally think that only white people have ever engaged in slavery and exploitation of other people. They are history deniers, and will vehemently deny that slavery has been extremely prevalent among all people, very much including Africans.

These black racists, who think of white people as less-than-human, are of course seldom above advocating a literal white genocide. Not metaphorically, or to cause controversy. They literally advocate for the mass-murder of all white people, in all seriousness. They are quite literally a black version of nazism.

And, obviously, they fully advocate full racial segregation and consider mixed-race marriages race-traitors. You know, the most cliché attitudes you can think of when you think about redneck racists.

Yes, this kind of people do exist. You can find them spreading their hideous poison on YouTube and other websites.

And making matters only worse, they have of course embraced the notion invented by social justice ideology that they aren't racist. They can't be racist because only white people can be racist. No matter what their opinions are, what they advocate, and how much they discriminate against people based solely on their race, they can't be racist.

And how many social justice warriors do you see speaking against them? None. On the contrary, there are social justice warriors who are actually supporting them, and recommending their videos to others. No, I'm not making that up.

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