Saturday, December 24, 2016

Summary of new posts in my other blog

Some time ago I created a new blog about things that don't grind my gears, but are neutral or positive. This "what grinds my gear" blog gets about 20-40 views per post on average, which is ridiculously little. However, that other blog is getting about 0-2 views per post, which is even worse. So this post is a promotion of the other one.

These are short summaries of the new posts I have made there, if you are interested:

Which chess endgame is the hardest? I examine a few classical chess endgame positions and ponder which one might be the hardest to win for a human player.

Turning 3D off on a 3DS: The devil is in the details. A funny anecdote of how I had been using my 3DS for a year before figuring out how to turn 3D off completely.

Xbox One S: Too late? Written when the Xbox One S was just released, I wonder if its features should have been in the original Xbox One for them to matter.

The downside of single+multiplayer combo games. Why I think that games that have both a single player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode may not be the best of both worlds.

Difficulty levels in video games. Which one to choose? Sometimes video games with different difficulty levels entice you to choose a harder difficulty level, but that might not always be the best idea.

Why you shouldn't believe the hype, part 2. Some comments on the controversial game that was No Man's Sky.

The origins of Chuck Berry's famous guitar riff. A post similar to the one where I describe the origins of the "Lambada" song, but about that famous beginning guitar riff in many Chuck Berry's songs.

Inspired video game cover art? A funny thing I noticed about the cover art of the games Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs 2 by Ubisoft.

"Downloading" and "uploading" in movies. I discuss how these terms are used and often misused in movies, and how it's actually not always that clear-cut whether it's a misuse.

Average vs. median. Everybody knows what an average is. Many people have heard what a median is, but can't understand why it would be useful for anything. I explain what it is and why it can be useful in practice.

Reverse typecasting. "Typecasting" is when an actor is often cast in very similar roles because he or she is associated with that kind of role. But sometimes the exact reverse can be the case!

Poker clichés in old western movies. Pretty self-explanatory.

Choosing the perfect monitor... harder than one might think. I recently bought a new 4k monitor. Finding the perfect combination of features is actually surprisingly hard, at least at this point in time.

PS4 Pro 4k checkerboard interpolation explained. I explain, with illustrative pictures, how the PS4 Pro scales up old PS4 games for 4k resolution, with increased details. (This is not as straightforward as simply rendering the game at 4k because that would be too demanding, so a clever trick is used instead.)

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