Friday, September 25, 2015

"WeConsent" app

The rape culture in our society (not the imagined feminist "rape culture", but the actual rape culture) has now gone to such ridiculous extremes that some colleges are encouraging their students to use a smartphone app to make affirmative consent "contracts" before sex.

Yes, we are finally going this far. The feminist fear of "rape" has gone to this extreme.

But putting that aside, something particular stands out in that article:
But Jasmin Enriquez, 23, who was date-raped as a student at Pennsylvania State University, branded sex contracts ‘pure evil’, saying: ‘They are nothing more than stunts and money-generating schemes which distract from the real issue which is education. We need to educate students of both sexes. Informed consent is an ongoing, shifting process which cannot be encapsulated in a contract. A contract fails to safeguard a woman who might change her mind after signing it.’
Firstly, notice that it doesn't say "person". It says "woman". It's always "woman" and "she"; it's never "man", "he", or even "person". Because, you know, only a woman can be raped. (As we all know, even if it's the man who got raped, it's still the man who was the rapist and the woman who was the victim.)

Secondly, and more obnoxiously: "who might change her mind after signing it."

What is the problem that this feminist has against this "contract"? That it takes the power away from women to accuse the guy of rape afterwards, if she so decides.

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