Monday, September 14, 2015

"Syrian" refugees

It seems that Europe has finally snapped, and lost completely any kind of sanity and control.

According to some estimates, at some border entry points where "refugees" from "Syria" are entering by the thousands, approximately 90% of these people have absolutely no proof that they actually come from Syria. And they are still just let in, without question, without control, and without monitoring.

Many of these "refugees" do not act much like actual refugees fleeing from a war, and seeking shelter on a neighboring country. Instead, they act exactly like Muslims like to act in Europe: Rioting, throwing stones, stealing, and raping.

If anybody thinks that every single one of these "refugees" actually comes from Syria, he's being just delusional.

And this unrestricted mass immigration wave will have lasting repercussions. Most European countries are incapable of sending "refugees" back, because that's "wrong", and will grant permits to most of them, simply because they ask for it. No proof of country of origin needed.

Let's see how much rioting and raping will increase in the near future.

Meanwhile, guess how many refugees rich countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have taken. Just take a guess.

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