Thursday, September 24, 2015

Feminists do not understand "meninism"

There's a recent new meme called "meninism" making the rounds.

"Meninism" is a parody of feminism. It is to feminism what "pastafarianism" is to religion. It's not an actual thing; it's a joke, a parody. It's a parody of feminism (kind of like "what if men acted like radical feminists?" thing). It's deliberately over-the-top, and nobody is seriously a "meninist" (any more than anybody is seriously a "pastafarian".)

The funniest thing about it is, however, that many feminists do not understand that it's just an over-the-top parody, and believe that it's an actual real thing, an actual movement. They take it seriously, and attack and ridicule it, as if it were a real movement, a real sociopolitical philosophy held by some men.

The vast majority of religious people understand that "pastafarianism" and the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" are not a real thing, but just a parody of religion. Many feminists do not understand that "meninism" is not a real thing, but just a parody of feminism. This makes religious people smarter and more intelligent than feminists.

I suppose that in this sense the meme has been highly successful.

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