Monday, July 27, 2015

What does it take to make gay rights activists oppress gays?

Imagine an ultra-liberal leftist gay rights activist group that has existed since the 1950's. This is a group that has been fighting for gay rights for over 60 years. What would it take to make such a group to not only oppose a gay parade, but in fact call for it to be legally banned? A normal gay parade that does nothing more than all the gay parades that have existed for decades. What could possibly be higher in the "pecking order" of social justice, so much higher that even a long-time leftist gay rights group is calling for the criminalization of a gay parade? What could possibly make these activists go against their own principles, and overturn everything that they have fought for?

Islam. That's what.

Islam is, it seems, the highest tier of the "social justice ladder", so to speak. It doesn't matter how intolerant its adherents may be, they will always be above all other minority groups, and all those other groups, no matter how oppressed, must always submit to their whims. It's the only group that makes even extremist hard-core ultra-liberal leftist feminist gay-rights-activists go against everything that they believe in and fight for, turning against their own "protectorate", against the very people they have been furiously defending for so long.

Of course this is happening in Sweden (where else.)

Organizing a gay parade through a muslim-majority area is "racism", according to them. (I can't even begin to comprehend where exactly does race come into play here. Even if the parade is a form of protest against prejudice and oppression in Islam, what exactly does this have to do with race?)

These liberals are the same kind of people who are constantly talking about "victim-blaming", yet quite hypocritically (although not surprisingly) they engage in really obnoxious victim-blaming themselves. You see, whenever there's a gay parade through an area with a significant muslim population, there will be violence (thrown rocks, etc.) These leftists will always blame the victim, never the muslims themselves.

On a more fundamental level, the proposed solution to this violence is not to do something about the perpetrators. It's like the perpetrators of the violence are not at fault. It's the fault of the people who participate in the parade (who are doing nothing more than walking through an area.)

Muslims are, possibly, the only group who enjoy this privileged status. They can be as oppressive, prejudiced and violent as they want, without any kind of repercussions. Not only that, it will be the victims of the violence who will be blamed, not the muslims who committed the violence. They will also never be the target of leftist social campaigns against discrimination and oppression.

Because, you see, saying that muslims are violent and oppressive is "racism" or something. Thus you can't say it. They are protected by the impenetrable wall of anti-racism, and are above and beyond all reproach, no matter what they do, even if they attack and kill people who are just walking through a certain area. Thus you get even hard-core gay-rights-activists overturning their most fundamental principles and calling for the criminalization of gay parades.

I don't think any other religion, or any other group for that matter, has this privileged status. They are at the very top of the "social justice pecking order".

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