Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Microsoft's professionalism

This isn't something that grinds my gears. Actually the exact opposite. This a praise for Microsoft (at least in this particular situation.) While this happened years ago, I just wanted to write about it nevertheless.

Some years ago my Xbox Live account was hacked (I have no idea how). I didn't have many Microsoft Points there (something like less than 5€ worth), but obviously that's something that had to be fixed immediately.

So I called the Microsoft/Xbox support number here in Finland. I was quite pleasantly surprised. The helpdesk person on the other end was extremely professional and experienced. She did not ask a single unneeded or stupid question, but instead went straight to the point and asked only the most relevant questions. She understood perfectly everything I said right away, and knew exactly what should be done, and what to ask, and gave clear instructions without even a hint of being patronizing or anything like that. The call was just a couple of minutes long, as the matter was made clear that quickly and easily.

My account and my points were restored in a couple of days. (They never told me how the account was hacked, but I suppose they don't even want to divulge such information.)

Say what you want about Microsoft, at least in some cases they can be really competent. (Perhaps in this case they weren't so competent in the sense that my account was possible to be hacked in the first place, but the way that the situation was handled was extremely expertly and professionally done. And heck, accounts getting hacked happens to most companies. It's probably a learning experience for most of them. You probably can't be too harsh to one company in particular for it.)

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