Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feminism has gone too far

I once watched a video of a talk by a public YouTube persona on a conference, where he talked about feminism (defending feminism, that is. The audience was basically completely pro-feminism.) He mocked critics of feminism in several ways, and one thing he said was "they say that feminism has gone too far", with a dismissive tone of voice. The audience laughed. How ridiculous! What a stupid thing to say!

He is by far not the only feminist that ridicules the claim.

But feminism has succeeded in turning some of our fundamental ideas of basic human rights upside down.

For example, there was this case (which I commented on an earlier blog post) about the man who had passed out in a party, a woman committed oral sex on him while he was unconscious and without consent (in other words, pretty much raping him by definition), and later accused him of rape. The man was expelled and investigated. Why? He "had sex" with a woman and didn't explicitly ask her for consent, therefore he committed rape. While being unconscious during the whole process, and the woman doing everything out of her free will. Yes, it did happen.

But it's not only these "affirmative consent laws" where feminists have gone too far.

How about some feminists taking a man to court because he disagreed with them on Twitter?

Did the man harass them, send them threats, dox them, or something like that? Nope. It was, in fact, a case where it was these feminists who had doxed some other person (who had made a video game the feminists considered offensive), and this guy telling them on Twitter that it's wrong to do that. There were no insults, no threats, no harassment... yet these feminists still actually sued the man for "harassment".

And if you think that feminists harassing their critics is extremely rare, then watch this video.

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