Thursday, November 30, 2017

A trip down memory lane: Game boxes

My previous blog post gave me a bit of a nostalgic feeling when thinking about video games in physical media. Who purchases those on this day and age anyways? Ok, they are still very common on consoles, but on the PC side they are becoming more and more of a rarity. I myself haven't purchased a PC game as a physical disc in years.

But I do have quite a lot of them. Not nearly as much as avid collectors, but somewhere in the ballpark of 150-200 in total (this includes all games I own as a physical copy, for all systems, not just PC games. From those perhaps about 75-100 are PC games.)

Here are a few of the more iconic, more recent PC games I have a physical copy of:

Probably not many people own these as physical copies.

Of course I have been buying video games for quite some time, so it goes way back.

And waaaaay back:

In fact, Tomb Raider III was the first PC game I ever purchased. That's the original disc. I wonder if it would even work anymore.

Of course it's just the first PC game I ever purchased. My video game purchases go all the way back to the early 80's, but sadly I don't have those cassettes anymore.

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