Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Old Media is dying... and they are fighting back

If the election of Donald Trump showed us something, it's that the traditional media is dying. Newspapers, television, radio... it's all dying. They used to have a huge influence over the population, pretty much telling them what to think and how to vote. And they tried, on man how they tried, to make the population not vote for Trump. And they failed.

It was the final wakeup call. The final nail in the coffin. For years the media has been dying, and this was the final piece of evidence.

But the Old Media isn't going to give up just like that. They are not going to just admit defeat and go away silently. They are the establishment, dammit. They dictate how people must think, and how they must vote. They elect and run governments.

The biggest threat to the Old Media is undoubtedly YouTube. The "problem" with YouTube is that it allows people to communicate with millions of other people directly, without the filtering and biases imposed by the media. There is no establishment between producers and consumers, deciding what is and isn't good.

But how to kill such a giant as YouTube? One wouldn't think it would be that easy. But the establishment is smart. Surprisingly smart: If you want to kill YouTube, stop the incoming money flow. But how?

Well, the slanderous hit piece against PewDiePie, the biggest name on YouTube, was just the first step. It wasn't clear at first why they attacked him in particular. Why is PewDiePie their enemy? Why did they want him in particular down?

It turns out that it's not about PewDiePie himself. He and his content is irrelevant. They don't give a flying fuck about him. It wasn't really an attack on PewDiePie in particular. It was much more devious than that.

The real reason behind the attack was to show the world, and more particularly, to big corporations running ads on YouTube, that their ads are being shown on videos with "antisemitic content", and "hate speech", and all the other buzzwords that are so popular in the current political zeitgeist. By attacking the biggest name on YouTube they got the attention of the advertisers. Of course Disney and YouTube pulled their sponsorships from PewDiePie, but that wasn't the actual goal. That was just means to an end.

The end was to show advertisers at large that their ads are being shown with this kind of "politically incorrect" content.

And it's working so well it's actually scary. The Old Media is telling big corporations to pull their ads from YouTube, and they are complying. Dozens and dozens of megacorporations are doing so, and YouTube is in a crisis.

If it continues like this, YouTube is going down. Exactly what the Old Media, the establishment, wants. That's their goal all along. The Old Media feels threatened by YouTube, and they are killing it with everything they have. And it seems to be working.

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