Monday, March 20, 2017

Glamour Magazine and the myth of the pay gap

There's this really hilarious video made by Glamour Magazine called "Confronting the Pay Gap: Two Sales Executives Compare Salaries." It's about a white man and a black woman in similar jobs talking about the "pay gap", and how women, especially black women, are disadvantaged and paid less than white men.

Firstly, just look at them:

The woman is laid back, comfortable, and confident. Her posture, demeanor and manner of speaking is that of a person who is in control, and knows it. Leaning back, open arms, relaxed posture. She is confident, she is in control

The man's posture, however, speaks volumes. He looks extremely meek and timid. He looks like a person who has been beaten into submission, if not physically, at least psychologically. Hands closed, legs closed, crouching posture. He's not leaning back, but instead looks like he's subconsciously cowering from a threat. He looks uncomfortable, timid and almost fearful. He is subconsciously closing himself and protecting himself as much as possible, and making himself as small as possible as to not appear threatening or cocky. He exudes the exact opposite of confidence. He almost looks like a slave who has been beaten into submission by his master. And his manner of speaking doesn't dispel this picture. He is pretty much the polar opposite of the woman.

And no, I didn't pick an exact moment where he was in that posture eg. because he was shifting positions or something. He really sits like that for the entirety of the video.

While there are people, including men, who are this meek innately, and have been so their entire lives, it's also possible that this particular man has been made so by his environment (perhaps by an overbearing mother, by his surrounding society, by his school, or by feminists, or any combination of them.) He seems to be the embodiment of what's commonly and derisively called a "beta male". He doesn't seem to have an inkling if masculinity in him, in good or bad. It really looks like he has been beaten into submission, at least psychologically.

Anyway, the conversation goes on about how white men are privileged and how they get better salaries, and how there's a pay gap between men and women, especially black women. Then comes the big reveal: They write their yearly salaries on pieces of cardboard, and reveal them at the same time. This is supposed to be really telling. But what happens?

She actually makes $20 thousand a year more than him. For pretty much the same job.

So is this a big wake-up call for both of them? Do they realize that maybe, maybe, it's not that simple? That it's not always so that white men are paid more than black women for the same job?

No, of course not. This is not a video about dismantling the notion. No. They actually keep talking as if the man is still more privileged than her, somehow. Even though he makes $20 thousand less than her per year. For pretty much the same job. They still keep talking as if she were paid less than him, even though they just revealed the exact opposite.

Yes, as incredible as it sounds. It's some kind of bizarro universe, where big is small, and small is big, and nothing makes sense.

I actually feel pity for the poor guy. He has clearly some psychological issues, he has clearly been beaten into submission, and he's even being paid less for the same job than other people, yet he still has been brainwashed into believing that it's him who is the "privileged" one. It's like pouring salt into his wounds, into his already troubled life, and him just accepting it. This is Stockholm Syndrome level of insanity.

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