Monday, February 6, 2017

Who gets to decide what is "hate speech"?

The excuse, and mantra, that regressive leftist social justice cultists use to justify their violence and oppression of people who simply want to peacefully congregate to express and hear opinions (that the social justice warriors don't like) is that "hate speech is not free speech".

What I would like to ask is: Who exactly gets to decide what is and is not "hate speech"?

Maybe the government? Democratically elected parliamentarian representatives? Judges? The police? Some other official?

No. Them. The social justice warriors themselves are the ones to decide what is and is not considered "hate speech". Nobody elected them to that position of authority, but they gladly assign themselves into that position without asking.

And what do you know, by sheer chance it just so happens that pretty much everything that goes against their narrative, all criticism, all dissenting opinion, everything that they don't like, just happens to be "hate speech", and thus free to be stifled with violence, intimidation and harassment. How convenient.

Considering all dissenting opinions and criticism banned is one of the core hallmarks of authoritarianism. Using violence, intimidation and harassment for political purposes is one of the hallmarks of terrorism (and a typical tactic used all over history by totalitarian regimes and movements.)

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