Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Did Trump invent a non-existent terrorist attack in Sweden?

Some days ago Trump gave a speech in which he was talking about the problems of unrestricted immigration in Europe, and one example he gave was about something that happened "last night in Sweden". Of course the media, and the regressive leftists, immediately jumped onto this and started ridiculing Trump for inventing a terrorist attack that didn't happen. It was all over social media, YouTube and even some newspapers.

But the thing is, that "terrorist attack" thing was a complete invention of the media. Trump didn't actually say anything about any terrorist attack. Here's an exact quote of what he said:
"You look at what's happening, last night, in Sweden. Sweden! Who would have believed that Sweden! They took in large numbers, they are having problems like they never thought possible."
There is no mention of any terrorist attack.

Trump later clarified that he was talking about a documentary about Sweden and the problems they are having with immigrants, that aired the previous day on Fox. He was assuming that his audience had also seen the documentary, and was referring to it. (Sure, it would have been better if had mentioned specifically the documentary in question, rather than just assuming people knew what he was talking about, but that's just a small lapse.)

So, after he made the clarification, did the media just accept it and say "oh, our bad. Sorry about the overreaction."

 Hah. Of course not. That would require honesty.

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