Wednesday, September 7, 2016

VR adoption crawls to a halt. Surprises nobody.

VR adoption among Steam users has crashed to a halt.

"The number of new HTC Vive owners on Steam grew only 0.3 percent in July and was flat in August, according to a survey (via Reddit) of customers that use Valve’s distribution network. The Oculus Rift headset from the Facebook subsidiary saw similar stagnation of 0.3 percent in July and 0.1 percent in August. At this point, only 0.18 percent of Steam users own the Vive and only 0.10 percent own the Rift."

So after the early adopters, who have too much money to spend, rushed to buy the headsets, how many other people are now buying them? Next to none.

And how many people are surprised by this development? Not me, at least.

When you price your toy at almost 1000€ (which is what the HTC Vive costs here), plus when you have really hefty hardware requirements, often requiring expensive upgrades (sometimes even requiring the purchase of an entirely new PC), what do you expect?

I think it's safe to say that HTC, Valve and Oculus VR are retards. Even a child can see that you don't make something popular by over-pricing it. It doesn't matter how fancy and expensive the technology put into it may be, it won't sell if your average consumer can't afford it. The average consumer doesn't even have a PC that costs that much; they are not going to spend more money on a toy than their entire PC is worth.

Price your VR headset at 200€, and we'll start talking. I don't know nor care how you do it, but that's when you'll start seeing boosted sales.

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