Sunday, September 11, 2016

Open letter to Johnathan McIntosh

Mr. Johnathan McIntosh.

You are currently making a video series about "masculinity in media". Let me just cut to the chase: I would argue that you are the least qualified man on this planet to talk about masculinity. I would even go so far as to say that at least 90% of women on this planet are more qualified to talk about masculinity than you are.

You see, in order to talk about masculinity, you have to understand it. I know that the term emasculation is quite over-used, and even misused, but in this particular situation that word applies perfectly to you, Mr. McIntosh. And that pretty much excludes you from being a qualified person to talk about masculinity. It would be like a person who has never drunk any alcohol talking about the experience of being an alcoholic. It would be like a marriage counselor who has never even dated, much less been married. Or, perhaps closer to your ideology, it would be like someone who has never been raped talking about being the victim of rape.

You, Mr. McIntosh, may biologically be a man, but that doesn't make you qualified to talk about masculinity. Being masculine entails more than just having the chromosomes. A person who has been so radically emasculated as you are, is just the completely wrong person for that job.

Your feminism makes you deeply, deeply biased. It makes you a dogmatic ideologue with an agenda. Moreover, feminism has completely and absolutely distorted your views on masculinity, and yourself. You cannot talk about the subject when your own masculinity has been so completely stripped off, destroyed and distorted beyond recognition by such an ideology. It would be like a totalitarian dictator talking about democracy. It would be like a member of the KKK talking about black people. It would be like Ray Comfort talking about the theory of evolution. It would be like David Icke talking about NASA.

You, Mr. McIntosh, simply cannot have a healthy, unbiased perspective on masculinity. And that's why you are simply not qualified for this job. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is.

And on another tangent, your lack of self awareness sometimes reaches outright hilarious levels. You say in your introductory video how "the last thing that these guys want to have is a serious discussion". You are describing yourself here, Mr. McIntosh. You, and your feminist buddies. You are the one who disables comments. You are the one who blocks people for simply having a differing opinion from yours. You are the one who accuses them of "harassment" for simply disagreeing. You are the one who does not want to have a discussion. The only thing you want is to preach from your pulpit and have the congregation be silent and never present a dissenting opinion.

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