Friday, June 24, 2016

Why the term "mansplaining" is sexist

Modern feminism has invented this neologism: "Mansplaining."

The irony here is that, while they claim to be all about equality, equal rights, and treating all people equally without distinction, they come up with such sexist terms.

What the term does is to belittle and dismiss somebody's opinion based solely on their gender. It gives less value to an argument because of an innate characteristic of the person making it. It's essentially an ad hominem. It doesn't even address the argument being made; it simply dismisses the argument based on who is making it. Or, more precisely, what the gender of the person making the argument is. Which is a textbook example of sexism.

Well, I would like to introduce a new term: Feminisplaining.

Feminisplaining is any attempt, made by a feminist or social justice warrior, at silencing or dismissing someone's opinion based solely on the innate characteristics of that person, ie. via an ad hominem, without addressing what is actually being said. The silencing is done by namecalling, shaming, and making all kinds of accusations of things that the other person is not guilty of, and is based on prejudice.

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